No Excuses

Every week I meet new people that come to the weaving cottage for a workshop.  Whether it’s for knitting, spinning, weaving or whatever else, they come to me to learn something.   During our time together we always end up chatting about other topics and I can honestly say that I have learned something from every single person that has visited the cottage!   

These people seem to fall into my life just when I need them.  When I was trying to decide if I should jump into this business with both feet, I was torn about it because I thought at my age it was too late.  And then I met Nancy who came to me wanting to refresh her weaving the age of 80!  While chatting she told me she started two successful businesses after the age of 50.  Then I came across Henry, a man in his 70’s and he said he’s just as excited now to be creating in his woodworking business as he was when he started it at 60.    I had my lovely friend Mary come along who gifted me her loom.  She said that in life you always have to keep your mind open and keep things changing. Don’t pigeon hole yourself.  Don’t get stagnet and chase your dreams.  All of these students stood out with their advice!  I jumped into my business with both feet.  Lessons learned!  

Most recently we had a knitting workshop at the cottage and amount the students was a lady that I met for the first time.  Her name was Diane and she already was an excellent knitter but was just attending to learn something new.  She said she’d be interested in coming back for more knit-a-longs and I was thrilled because she was a great addition to our little group!    When I went home I went on FB to friend her and look at pictures of her knitting when I came across a post she had written.  Not her exact words but it said something like “When I make excuses for myself, I am giving myself permission to not achieve my goals”

That one post struck me!!!  I kept thinking about it and realized how much this applies to life and more importantly to MY life!  One example among a few:   I’ve been struggling with weight gain and I have excuses for not losing it!  I keep making excuses!  Excuses for not eat mindfully.  Excuses for not going to the gym.  Excuses for not achieving my goal weight and getting my healthy life back.  

We all make excuses!  Maybe it’s for our weight; or for being in a dead end job; being in a bad relationship or not being in a relationship at all; being bored with life; not being happy; any number of things.   Stop making excuses!  Join a gym and go!  Eat well!  Fix your relationships!   Take that adventure!   Learn something new!  Go outside the box!  Travel if you want!  Make your choices!  Live your life to the best it can be!  No excuses!

It was just a knitting class and a new friend that I made but what I learned from that one post on her FB wall has left a huge impact on me!  I’m taking control and I’m going to move forward!  Lesson learned. No more excuses!   

Thank you Diane!  ❤️