Get out of the wake!

I’ve spent many summers on the lake sitting on my porch watching boats pull water skiers behind them.  There’s always cheering and yelling going on!  So much excitement!  They go back and forth and back and forth across the cove and eventually the yelling and cheering calms down.  The skier is in the wake of the boat and it’s fun but after a while the excitement and rush is not so great anymore.  It’s just doing the same thing over and over with no change.

A lot like life.  You get into someone’s wake and plug along just moving along.  Exciting at first and then just back and forth, back and forth same old thing.  Wether you’re driving the boat or someone else is and you’re riding in their wake you have to make a decision to change if you want things to change.  Only you can make the change.

Back at the lake, suddenly there’s clapping and excitement again!!!  The skier has jumped out of the wake!  He’s blazing his own trail!!!  Making his own wake!!!  Nothing is blocking his view anymore!!!  No more following behind the boat or someone else’s wake!!!  A leader of his own destiny!!!  The possibilities are endless!!!  Yay!!!!! 

Be brave!  Get out of that wake!  Blaze your own trail and make your own wake!!!!