Handmade is made with love. 


People often ask me how I chose the name for my small weaving business.  Well, I was trying to think of a name when I came across the word “Meraki” along with the meaning of it and thought... what a beautiful word it is AND it’s Greek!!!  What could be more appropriate right?!?!  The meaning of “Meraki” is the perfect description of how I feel about my work.  I think any artist will say the same of their works of art.  Our soul, creativity, love and essence goes into every creation!  It doesn’t matter if we’re creating to gift for a loved one or and item to sell out of our small business...our meraki goes into it!  It’s just how we’re wired!  If we’re gifting, we create each gift with our recipient in mind and heart.  If we’re selling, we try to think of who might love to buy it and try to put a little part of ourselves into it.  There’s a lot of thought put into every piece and every piece is a one of a kind!    

With the holidays quickly approaching, there will be a lot of shopping going on.   No one at Amazon is going to get excited with every order that comes in.   Same at Target, Kohl’s or any other retail store.  Don’t get me wrong...lots of great gifts come from these places.  But when you shop small business, be it at a craft fair or off a small business website, there is going to be excitement!!!   There are going to be cartwheels!  The owner and creater will be thrilled that you’re buying a one of a kind gift!  They’re going to be feel honored that you enjoy their work enough to share it with someone you love.  It’ll actually make their day as it does mine every time someone buys an item that I’ve put my “Meraki” into.   

Shop small business this holiday season!  Buy one of a kind.  Shop for items that filled with Meraki!