My New Friend Mary


Sometimes when you least expect it you meet a person who you really connect with.   The person that you have only know for a few meetings or even minutes and you feel you've known that person forever.  The person you feel is your kindred spirit just by looking in their eyes.  That's how I feel about my new friend Mary.   

My young friend Marissa was searching for a loom.  I got a text from her saying she just spotted one in FB Marketplace, it was nearby and it was free!!!  I took a quick look and told her to connect right away which she did.  She was told that there were a few others interested ahead of her but they'd let her know.  I had to try and do something.   It was a beautiful loom and it would be perfect for her.  I connected with the woman who placed the ad for her mom and told her I had been working with Marissa teaching her and if she could find it in her heart to give her the loom she would have found the best home ever for it.  Well, the woman relayed all the information her to her mom Mary and Marissa was gifted the loom.  The next afternoon, Marissa, our respective husbands and I took our trucks and went to Mary's to collect the loom and a few accessories.  While the men dismantled the loom and got it into the truck Marissa and I chatted with Mary.   

Mary is one of the sweetest women I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.  She told us of the property and the sheep that she kept on her acres of land. She and her husband raised their children in the beautiful historic home they lived in,  but after many years in their home, she and her husband were selling to move to a condo nearby and begin a new chapter of their life.  Through her words and in her beautiful glistening eyes I could see how her life was: her children, her husband, her career as a nurse, her farm and her love for the fiber arts.  Her face glowed and her eyes twinkled as she spoke of all of them.   As she gazed across her property while she spoke it was as though she could still see her sheep out in the fields.  She could still see her children running and playing.  She could see her husband working in the yard.  They were her passions.  She was devoted to them all.  She spoke of her sister who was a rug hooker.  She grinned as she said, "My sister was a hooker and I was a spinster."   She spoke of her tiny weaving museum in the little red shed on her property which she gave lessons in.   There was a wood stove in it to keep her nice and toasty even in the winter.   It was her haven, her sanctuary.  Now the time had come that she had to downsize and there was no room for all the big fiber equipment.  Her looms had to go, her spinning wheels had to go, everything....all except for her grandmothers great wheel which she was taking with her to the new condo.   She wanted more than anything to find the most loving homes for everything.    Homes that would care for them, use them and love them the way she had and still did.  When she met Marissa she instantly knew that she had chosen the right person to be the new owner of the loom.    I was lucky enough to receive a few of Mary's things as well and got to hear stories of each piece as she passed them on to me.  Stories that I will write down and keep with each item.  Items that I will put in my own tiny little weaving museum.  Items that will remind me of my new friend Mary and her glistening eyes and smiling face every time I look at them and use them.   I looked into Mary's eyes as she spoke of her looms and her wheels, as she spoke of her farm and of her tiny little museum in the shed and realized that you may rehome your equipment but your love for it and the art never dies.  It lives always in you.  And a little bit of your spirit is always captured in the equipment.  I will always feel a little bit of Mary around me.  My new friend, my kindred spirit.  Thank you Mary for honoring Marissa and me with your fiber equipment.  They've come to the most loving homes.