Walmart vs. Neiman Marcus

Let me begin by saying I have no issue with either company.  Although I do shop at Walmart on occasion I have never shopped at Neiman Marcus.  This is not a post about a shopping experience.  It's about self worth.

It's probably a year to the day that we were sitting in Maine with our good friends Joe and Jeannie.   We were talking about the things I make and I was saying that like many artisans I have such a hard time pricing my items.  I just have no idea how to value my time.  Because I enjoy creating I feel bad charging for my time and way underprice.  After chatting a bit more Joe looked right at me and said, "Well, it's up to you if you want to be Walmart or Neiman Marcus.  If you're confident in your work and you really think your time is valuable act like it and price accordingly.  If you're not then continue to underprice.  You can be Walmart or you can be Neiman Marcus.  It's up to you."   

Well now.....that was something to think about!   Joe who I love dearly is somewhat known for his interesting opinions and outspokenness.  He in his own words has deemed himself "uninsultable"!  These purls of wisdom came from Joe!!!  He was very right!  Makes sense!  Like in many situations, it's all in how you present yourself, your confidence and your self worth.  Whether your trying out for a sports team in school or a part in a play, presenting yourself in a job interview or your presenting your product for sale, hold your shoulders back, your head up high,  be confident and proud.  Yes, I love creating and I love what I do!  My work in my opinion is good.   Whether I'm painting or knitting, spinning or weaving, it's time from my life and it's valuable.  Just like everyone else's time is valuable.  I'm worth it.  My time is worth it.  My work is worth it.   Joe's words ring in my ears often.  There's nothing wrong with Walmart but I'm choosing Neiman Marcus. 

Thank you Joe!  Makes sense!