A Day In The Life Of Zwitsa

Today was just one of those days....I had to tap into my coping mechanisms big time!  It started out beautifully with sitting on my dock at the lake having my coffee and knitting.  It was a glorious morning and I was going to have an a great day!  My plan for the morning was to go to the fiber artists meca here in Maine known as Halcyon where I was going to buy my cotton for yoga straps I'm working on and who knows what else might jump out at me.  So I get ready, grab my bag and tell Kenny I'll be home soon.  I put Halcyon into my GPS, even though I've been many times, I'm not trusting my memory.  The GPS takes me a little different route to avoid road construction and I'm enjoying the change of scenery.  I've got the windows down, I'm happily singing along with James Taylor (I'm getting ready because I'm going to see him at Fenway next Friday!) and I'm loving everything about this day.  Then it happens!  I spot the flashing lights in my rear view mirror but decide that he must be going to a call.  Nope!  He was coming right behind me so I pull over.  Trying not to panic I remember my yoga instructor Beth taught us a copy mechanism of breathing and saying "This is happening right now but you're fine."  Ok!!!  I'm breathing and it's happening!!!  Yup!  To the tune of a $185.00 speeding ticket!!!!  Breathe!!!  Kenny is going to blow a gasket!  Breathe...  I'm so upset!  Should I just go home?  My whole day is ruined!  Well, Kenny always says: "As long as no one has died it's a good day."  Ok!  It's a good day!  So I continue on and get to Halcyon.  I buy everything I go there for and begin my trip home.  Oh yay...the check engine light comes on!  Fabulous!  "As long as no one has died it's a good day."  Ok!  Keep going.  Breathe.  "This is happening right now but you're fine."

Now I start to think about how I'm going to tell Kenny about the ticket.  He's going to be so mad but maybe sweetening the blow with some snacks will help.  He loves Ring Dings!  Maybe some Whoopie Pies too!!  That'll help!  I head to Hannafords and right at the entry there's road work going on.  My lane is moving along but of course the car right in front of me is the last one allowed to go when the flagger flips his sign to stop.  So there I sit.  You know how sometimes you can feel someone staring at you?  Well, there's the flagger staring right at me.  This larger man wearing a faded Grateful Dead t-shirt that has seen a years worth of better days and a beard that went half way down his belly is staring at me.  It seems like I'm there for hours!    Finally it's my turn to go when I muster the courage to glance over and I get a big grin and wink!  "This is happening right now and your fine."  I wave, smile and drive off.  Hey!  I've still got it!!!

I finally get home and present Kenny with his treats before I tell him about my ticket and the check engine light.  He shrugs and says, "It happens and no one died so it's a good day."  That went so much better than I expected!!  

I put my loot away and head up to my weaving room in the garage thinking I can finally sit and weave.  Heading upstairs I hear a thrashing sound and see a little bird has gotten in and is frantically trying to get out a closed window.  Although I don't really like birds...they really creep me out actually but I have to help the poor little thing.  Breathe...  "This is happening right now and your fine."  I move towards it and it starts flying into me.  Breathe...  I try again and it hits me again.  Breathe...you're fine...  After the third time of trying to help it and having it fly right into me I'm done!  I can't!  I go get Kenny and he helps the little guy out with no problem whatsoever.   Happy ending for the bird and after a long difficult not so pleasant day I get to get back to my weaving!  Wait!  What?!   How can it possibly only be noon time!?!?  

Well, it wasn't exactly as I envisioned my day would go but I have my cotton to make my yoga straps.  My adventures happened and I'm fine.  No one died and it's as great day.