If You Give Zwitsa A Loom


If you have any small children in your life you are probably very familiar with some of Laura Numeroff's books.  "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" and "If You Give A Moose A Muffin" are two of my favorites.   If I knew her of any other children's book author I could offer up another that would be titled "If You Give Zwitsa A Loom" .

It all started one day when Zwitsa and Ken were at a yard sale and Ken spotted what appeared to be an unassembled rigid heddle loom on the ground.  He called Zwitsa over to check it out and without a minutes thought, in the car it went!  Zwitsa was so happy!  She finally had a loom.  She wove and wove but quickly felt she wanted more!  Through face book she learned of a loom in North Carolina that was for sale.  But it was in North Carolina!  How could this work out?  Well, it was Zwitsa's lucky day!  The nice lady who was selling the loom always wanted to visit New England in the autumn,  Salem in particular, and offered to bring it up!  So plans were made and up came the loom.   The nice lady who was selling the loom stayed with Zwitsa and Ken for four days to teach Zwitsa.  The nice lady from North Carolina never did get to Salem....   Zwitsa happily wove her rugs.  Ken says, "I'm happy you have your floor loom but I think that's enough on the fiber equipment."  Zwitsa smiles and nods in agreement.

One day Zwitsa decided she'd like to try weaving dish cloths and soon found it was such a bother to have to keep changing the sett on the warp between rugs and dish cloths.  But wait!  Zwitsa spots the perfect loom on craigslist in New Hampshire!!!  And such a deal!!!  She grabs her shot gun partner in crime Kelly and off they go in Kelly's truck to get the loom.  Zwitsa is all set!   "Ok this is it now!" Ken says.  Zwitsa smiles and nods in agreement. She doesn't need another thing.  By now summer is here and she is happily weaving dish cloths on her new loom.  Too bad she doesn't have a loom in Maine where she spends most weekends to weave on.... 

Then one day, the nice lady from North Carolina private messages Zwitsa about a loom on craigslist in Rhode Island that's FREE!!!  Imagine that!!!  Zwitsa emails and learns that she's third in line.  This is never going to happen.  The owner says he'll let her know if her turn comes up.  Two days later the phone call finally arrives.  The loom is hers if she wants it but she has to take it now!  So in the pouring rain she convinces Ken to go with her to Rhode Island to get the free loom.  The loom finally finds its new home in Maine and Zwitsa is happy.  "This time this is it!" Ken says and Zwitsa smiles and nods in agreement.

Suddenly one day she's just breezing through craigslist and spots a Baby Wolf Loom.  Oh what a dream!!!  The most  coveted portable loom of all and half the cost of any others she has seen!!!  And it's in New Hampshire!!!  Right in the same town as one of Ken's coworkers home!  It was meant to be!  She wouldn't even have to drive up and get it!  She couldn't sleep at night thinking of it!  She could do demos on it at fairs, teach on, take it to work shops, etc!    She doesn't even want to mention it to Ken because he's going to blow a gasket!   Finally after three days she can't take it any more and says "Ken, how would you like to invest in my weaving business."  After 36 years of marriage Ken knows this is problably going to happen anyways so without even looking up says "Just go ahead and buy the thing."  Zwitsa is so happy!  She quickly calls on the loom and makes the necessary arrangements.  It will be arriving by the end of the week.  Ken knows these words mean nothing even as he speaks them to her.  "Listen!  I'm very serious this time!  This is it!  No more!"  Zwitsa smiles and nods in agreement while awaits the arrival of her new to her Baby Wolf.

She now has a herd of looms, miles of cotton and wool yarn to weave anything she wants and shuttles galore.   There isn't a thing left out there that she could possible need!  A weavers paradise she has! 

But wait!!!!  As she sits waiting for the days to pass and her new loom to arrive what's this on craigslist she sees?!?!   An inkle loom!  Zwitsa doesn't have one of these!  And it's in Hampton!   Practitically next door!  No time like the present to learn something new!  Oh boy.....

If you give Zwitsa a loom, she's going to want another to go with it!