Our Story

For over 40 years I have been a knitter, but until 15 years ago had no other exposure to the fiber arts world and its amazing beauty.   Everything changed when I took a weaving class at a fiber arts workshop in Maine.  I loved every minute of the class and was completely hooked!!! Over the years I have taken many more weaving workshops and finally about 5 years ago was able to invest in my first floor loom.  Now I have several!  Due to the expansion to my "herd" I have moved my work space from the spare bedroom in my home to a studio space in a small house at 264 Centre St., Danvers.  All our classes and workshops posted on this site will be held there. 

While on my weaving journey, I learned some interesting family history.  It appears I am not the only weaver in the family.   My family comes from a tiny little village in the mountains of Northern Greece.  I discovered that my great grandfather was a weaver.  He was a widower that was left alone to raise eight small children.  In an effort to support his family he began weaving and selling his rag rugs.  I am proud to carry on my great grandfathers legacy by weaving and selling my handwoven creations through Meraki Handwoven.

Meraki (Greek):  Meaning to do something with soul, creativity or love; as you would when you leave a piece of yourself in your work.